Monday, April 26, 2010

14 Week Quiz

How far along: 14 weeks today

Who knows: Everyone! Even Lili knows she's going to be a BIG sister.

Symptoms: Nada.

Total weight gain: I think I lost weight even though I haven't had any nausea. There's just something about being pregnant that makes me eat healthier.

Maternity clothes: Yes. It's much more comfortable.

Stretch marks: Nothing new!

Sleep: Still tired, but I've regained some of my energy. However, due to my back pain I have a hard time getting comfy at night... even with my pregnancy pillow.

Best moment last week: Nothing baby-related, but we moved Olivia into the bigger room and she's sleeping in her big girl bed. Will moved the crib in there too in case we have a baby girl on the way (then they will share a room). We will have to wait and see though.

Movement: Sometimes I think I can feel something. Or maybe I'm nuts.

Food cravings: Strawberries w/ Nutella and steak!

Belly Button in or out: IN!

What I miss: Cappuccino and Coke (I'm trying to not drink any caffeine)

What I am looking forward to: The anatomy scan June 4th!

Milestones: Can't wait to hear the baby's heartbeat again next week.

How is daddy? He is busy turning down every baby name I come up with. For some reason we only debate about girl's names. I don't know what that means though.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Have You Heard the News?

My pregnancy news is just about common knowledge now! Will and I have been telling close friends and family these past couple of weeks and I posted a message on this week. That was the easiest way to get the news circulated. Most people have been very supportive, so I feel good about sharing.

Today was my first appointment with Dr. M. I basically picked my Ob-Gyn from a list of Doctors on a sheet of paper. I was most nervous that we wouldn't click, but I don't have those fears now. Dr. M. was very personable from the moment I met her. She shared a lot of information about herself and her personal life. After my experience with my last Ob-Gyn, personality ranked pretty high on my list of requirements. I assume she's qualified enough to deliver a baby, but honestly when I'm in labor I could care less if the janitor delivered!

We didn't get to see our little Pumpkin this time, but the Dr. found the heartbeat right away on the doppler which made my day. When I was 17 weeks pregnant with Willow the Dr. couldn't find the heartbeat, so I had to have an ultrasound which detected the heartbeat almost immediately. But as we all know Willow passed between that time and 21 weeks. I know I can't compare the two situations, but I am feeling optimistic about this good, strong heartbeat.

I've included a picture (of an actual book you can buy) that I posted along with my pregnancy news on My husband's name is Willie so it was kind of funny!