Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I thought this would be the day that I would celebrate being a Mom to my three beautiful children. But one is missing and now I'm pregnant with my fourth. It's only been five months, three weeks and five days since we said goodbye to Willow. We knew we wanted to try again to have a baby, but we didn't know when or how (considering my battles with infertility). We never thought that within two months I would be pregnant again. Without trying, without fertility meds, without even thinking about it. We are very excited, optimistic and full of hope. But losing Willow is always going to be on our minds. Even though another baby is coming and Willow won't be here, she will always be with us. So this Mother's Day I will be celebrating with my wonderful husband and my 4 beautiful children; Terrell, Olivia, Willow and "Pumpkin".