Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Girl on the Way!

Looks like Miss LiLi will have some competition. Today I had a scheduled Dr's appointment. I actually didn't even tell Will I had an appointment because I knew he was so busy at work. So it was just me and Olivia. Usually these appointments are routine and pretty boring, so I didn't think it would be a big deal if Olivia tagged along. Well 5 minutes into the exam the Dr couldn't detect the baby's heartbeat. I knew something was wrong and I began to panic (on the inside). This was the first appointment I have ever been to without Will! I was wishing he was there at that very moment!!

When I was back in the waiting room, I sent Will a text letting him know what was going on. I didn't want to make him worry, but I knew he would help calm me down. He immediately called back and was ready to drive to the Dr, but I told him "No".

Thank God the ultrasound tech found the heartbeat right away. Baby looks good! She determined (with much confidence) that it was a girl. I was very excited to hear that, but I was sad Will wasn't there to find out at the same time. I called him as soon as it was over and he was so excited about another "Baby girl"! I didn't care what sex the baby was, but in a way I am sort of sad knowing it's not a boy. At the same time I am thrilled it's another girl. She will share a room with Olivia (and clothes!) and I really hope they are the best of friends!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Second Trimester

Goodbye nausea! I wish I could say the same about these headaches, but I'm glad to have my energy back. Lord knows I need it to chase after Olivia. I'm really excited to be pregnant again (for the last time ; ) After struggling with infertility due to PCOS, we see it as a blessing we are able to have just one more! Terrell took the news pretty well and Olivia doesn't understand what's to come, but she is happy to announce she's going to have a baby sister (or brother) to anyone that will listen. The sex changes each time you ask her. We think she will be a good big sister. According to her daycare teachers, Olivia is the "Mama" of the classroom. Always looking after the other kids and keeping them out of trouble. She is also very much into feeding, diapering and rocking her babydolls. Hopefully that is a sign we have a good helper on our hands!

We will soon have to transistion Olivia into a "Big Girl" bed and I pray she is potty trained before the baby comes. It seems like we have so much to accomplish in such little time. I am only 3 1/2 months, but that means we only have 6 months or so to go! We haven't purchased anything because we are waiting for the ultrasound in Novemeber. The BIG one that can tell us if we are bringing another girl into this world or a boy. I don't mind either way and Will says he doesn't either. (Terrell wants another sister so Olivia can occupy her time)

We will just have to wait and see....
By the way, this picture was taken at Angie and Brandon's wedding. Olivia was the flower girl (her dress was trashed by this point in the night, so we changed her clothes). She had taken lots of pictures and she didn't have a nap so she had a breakdown. We can't help but laugh at the picture!